Tuesday, July 13, 2010

guitar session

shuld be post last month..totally forgot!ahakz..so here we come!nah...we went to summit!searching for new guitar...its for YUYU LAR xctually..we already got one but we surely need something new!

our KAK ETON(1st guitar's name) is already mine!thanks yuyu lar=)..im intend to buy a new one too...but i am totally-completely BROKE!haha..so its okay wit me to use KAK ETON for this while..lav ya kak eton!

let d picca tell us wut actually hppend on dat day!!=)

lets make some noise!waitin' for karok session..haha!

my driver on dat day!!There u go jijah..sygs~
im trynna pretend like dis one is mine!=)...*it cost 600 buxs only ok*anyone?

all those at the back are GIBLICK..*not bad*

yuyu lar bought d one like dis...sound betta den KAK ETON!haha

Saturday, July 10, 2010

no words!juz picca~~

im not a fool!!

im not a fool when i love him but i trade him for somenoe he loved=)

im not a fool when i am actually tellin him im not in love with him

im not a fool when i saw him with someone else but still i can put a smile on my face

im not a fool when he is holdin' my hand then i told him...."stop it!!!kite bukan muhrim(T_T)"

im not a fool when i miss him but i keep tellin him "bullshit!!i neva miss u even once in my life~"

im not a fool when i saw him then my heart keep beating so fast n i tellin myself that was nothing

im not a fool when i noe dat i love him but i rather to see he being happy with someone else

and after all..i noe dat im not a fool when i can see he's smiling to me and dat makes me even happier!yeay!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

the way i love=)

ive been thinkin' of this before n now i really wanna express it in my-own-way!
  • i love that u let me in ur life to be part of it and be confident that i'll take care of it.
  • i love the fact that you can be everything i need and more
  • i love you because you think you r lucky to have me when in fact im luckier to have you.
  • i love you because i get lost in your eyes.
  • i love how you always make me laugh
  • i love the way you give me hope
  • i love the fact that i could totally be myself round you
  • i love you forgiving me as soon as i realize my mistakes
  • i love the way you stare at me and the rest of my life seems to stop
  • i love the fact that fun for me is being with you
  • i love how you still find me cute even if i act stupid
  • i love you for being my clown with a lot of sense and non-sense in between.
  • i love you because you'r the most understanding person in the world and i wont trade you for anyone else.
  • i love that you show me the world as i'd love to see it
thanks to you and the fact that i love you=)

Friday, July 2, 2010


I just got my results for my last sem final exam and hurrah! I did pretty well! Woohoo! Pls stay that way ok GEE. Plsss! I've been cracking my butt to make sure my grades are up as I've been failing a lot lately! I hope this sem me and my frens are gonna do well and stay fab, as usual.HAHA!

ok enuff bout dat result!okie guys..now gee arif juz thinkin bout somthing more fab!!more interesting!!n coolness for sure!ahakz its been so long eh since i didnt post any entry n dis time im comin come back wit somthing fresh!!!*except for my layout or bckground or wutsoeva!
ouh i juz luv my page=)*nah! i juz trynna pretend dat i do luv dat in fact i dunno how to create it wit sumthing-yang-cantek!lalala

n hey!y gee arif is suddenly typin' dis stuff in english??nah i told chu...i try to make it rare!!eh rare kah??hahaha..rrooarr!

i juz read my fren's blog..n i hate to say dat she's darn great in english!!urghh...
n im friggin jealous!cait.u cant even find any bahasa-melayu words/sentences!!ur sooo contemporary-malay gal..aishh...*dengki*!lol=)